Bio-Elite Soft-water Conditioner (with IAL)

Bio-Elite Soft-water Conditioner is used to create and maintain optimum “black water” conditions, which are dark, soft and acidic. Many species of fresh water fish occur naturally in rivers, streams, pools, swamps and lakes with these conditions. In order to keep these fish successfully in captivity, one needs to mimic these black water conditions.

Species which require these conditions include Betta fish (Siamese fighting fish), Gouramies, Angels, Discus, South American Cichlids, certain Tetras, Killifish, Arowanas, African exotics such as Elephant nose, Leaf fish, Rope fish and Butterfly fish, certain Asian exotics and many others.

Many of these species available on the market are wild caught in their natural habitat and in order to control their stress levels, get them to feed properly and even breed, one must try to provide them with the correct water chemistry in the aquarium, similar to their natural waters.

The dark, soft and acidic waters in their natural habitat are created by enormous quantities of decaying leaves, wood and mosses which fall into the rivers, streams, pools, swamps and lakes. This natural litter releases tannins into the water.

Bio-Elite Soft-water Conditioner contains concentrated extracts of tannin rich leaves such as Terminalia Catappa (Indian Almond leaves), mosses, woods and teas, which makes creating the black water conditions a lot easier.

·         Maintain optimum dark, acidic and soft water conditions

·         Fish will eat more readily and stress will be less in the aquarium

·         Promotes breeding and normal activity

·         Protects fish from harmful microbes

·         Rich in complex elements beneficial to fish

·         Strengthen plant growth in low light conditions and combats algae

   *Available in 50ml - 100ml - 250ml - 500ml - 1000ml