Bio-Elite Garlic & Vit C Shield

Our Garlic and Vitamin C additive is a natural disease cure and appetite stimulant. The formulation differs significantly from other similar products available in the aquatic trade, most of which contain processed and refined garlic oil. These types of oil tend to float on the surface of the water which impedes oxygen from being properly absorbed by the water.

The processed, refined and blended oil cannot dissolve in the water and it creates a film which remains on the surface where the fish need to find oxygen rich water. It is detrimental to the fish as it can coat the gills or damage the sensitive labyrinth organ, through which anabantoid species such as Siamese fighting fish (Bettas) and gourami fish absorb oxygen into their bodies.

To overcome this problem, some manufacturers use an additional chemical such as alcohol to “dissolve” the oil so that it can dissipate more easily into the water. The additional chemicals simply add more toxins to the system. Bio-Elite Garlic & Vit C Shield contains only natural extracts of pure garlic and has high levels of Vitamin C.

·         Garlic & Vit C Shield is an easy to use liquid dietary supplement and medication.

·         Boost resistance to disease

·         Get fussy eaters to take food

·         Promotes quicker recovery

·         Supplements dietary shortages

·         Combats disease

·         Boosts immune system

·         Can be used in marine and fresh water aquariums

·         It is safe for use in reef tanks and in fresh water planted aquariums

·         Will not affect the efficiency of filtration systems or harm the beneficial bacteria

·         Can be used in aquariums of all sizes, ponds and bowls

   *Available in 50ml - 100ml - 250ml - 500ml - 1000ml