Bio-Elite Daily Aquarium Tonic  



  Bio-Elite Daily Aquarium Tonic is specifically formulated for daily use in all freshwater tropical, coldwater and marine aquariums and ponds. With multi-purpose application and a triple action formula to boost the efficacy of the filtration system, it also provides trace elements and vitamins to the aquatic inhabitants and serves as a preventative treatment (prophylactic) by lowering the pathogens and germ count in the aquatic environment, thereby reducing the chances for disease.

Key Benefits

  • Balances conditions for exotic species
  • Beneficial to fish, plants and reef inhabitants
  • All natural and contains plant and herbal extracts 
  • Assists nitrifying bacteria in filtration systems
  • Is not a gimmick
Bio-Elite Daily Aquarium Tonic  


  • For all ornamental aquarium fish
  • Tropical, coldwater and marine use
  • Maintains fish health
  • Keeps aquarium healthy
  • Show tanks, pet stores, ponds, aquariums and bowls
  • Calms aggressive or nervous fish
  • Reduces pathogens which cause disease
  • Creates and maintains a safer environment for fish

Bio-Elite Daily Aquarium Tonic is a unique addition to our range of natural aquatic products. Carefully researched, tested by practical application in the field and formulated by the leading manufacturer of aquatic additives and medications in South Africa, it is unlike any other product currently in the aquarium trade. For daily use as a preventative against disease and stress related conditions,  it has been welcomed with much enthusiasm by aquatic hobbyists as the latest product to join the most successful range of aquatic products ever produced for local conditions.

It is a breakthrough tonic to keep fish healthy and contains herbal and plant extracts which combat disease and reduce fish fatalities. It approaches aquarium management from the point of view that prevention is better than cure and reduces the chances of fish becoming sick. Simultaneously, it enhances the general condition of the aquarium and filtration which leads to fewer medications being administered.

The product’s unique formulation effectively calms nervous, aggressive and agitated fish, which in turn leads to more enthusiastic feeding and accelerated growth. A welcome spin-off is the fact that breeding habits are also improved.

Bio-Elite Daily Aquarium Tonic is the first line of defense against problems occurring in the aquarium and is ultimately affordable. Nothing truly compares.

*Available in 50ml - 100ml - 250ml - 500ml - 1000ml