Bio Elite Anti Fungus

Fungus is one of the worst diseases for the aquarium, as fungus diseases are very infectious and frequently lead to multiple fish deaths. 

Key Benefits

  • Eliminates fungus efficiently

  • Does not affect beneficial nitrifying bacteria

  • Maintains healthy fish skin and scales the natural way

  • Relieves skin irritation
  • Retards bleeding
  • Increases cellular repair
  • Regulates mucous production


  • Treating fungal infection
  • Treating cuts and bruises
  • Disinfecting and preventing fungal infections
  • Fresh and saltwater aquariums

Anti-Fungus contains Aloe Ferox and other herbal extracts exclusive to Bio-Elite. These ingredients work as a fungicide and stimulate the immune system of the fish.

While the affected fish is treated in a hospital tank, the main tank should also be treated although for a shorter period of time. This is done to prevent the spread of the disease and to increase the remaining fishes' resistance to fungal infections.

Bio-Elite's Anti-Fungus does not affect the nitrifying bacteria of the filtration systems thus can be used safely in the aquarium. This is one of the major benefits of treating your tank against fungus with Bio-Elite's Anti-Fungus. Conventional treatments disrupt the water quality and the filtration media in the aquarium.

Use for fresh and saltwater aquariums.

*Available in 50ml  100ml -250ml -500ml -1000ml