Bio-Elite is the leading manufacturer and supplier of natural water conditioners, freshwater and marine aquarium additives and aquatic remedies in South Africa.


The hugely successful Bio-Elite range of products was researched and developed during the late 1990’s by Dr. L. E. Freese, in response to the growing demand for natural aquarium and pond remedies. The modern aquarist and aquatic hobbyist demands products which are not only natural and safe, but effective and affordable.


Dr Freese combined the necessary scientific, technical and pharmacological research skills with a passion for the fish-keeping hobby in developing the Bio-Elite range of natural aquarium additives. Dr. Freese conducted extensive and exhaustive research into natural solutions to the problems which the aquatic hobbyist could encounter, and the result was what has become, the leading range of natural aquarium additives in South Africa.


No other range available in the aquatic market is comparable to Bio-Elite products, as the manufacturing process, production methodology and additive recipes are unique. The Bio-Elite range was independently researched and developed and does not borrow from, copy or imitate, any other products available in the fish keeping industry anywhere in the world. No other product range on the market is as safe and environmentally friendly, while being as effective and affordable as Bio-Elite.


All ingredients in the Bio-Elite range have been carefully sourced to ensure the highest degree of efficacy and safety. The production process is complex and uniquely specialized as the Bio-Elite range is non-chemical and is based on all natural ingredients. Most ranges of aquarium additives constitute a mixture of variety of chemical dilutes. Other products which claim to be “made” from natural ingredients are simple mixtures of the various ingredients. In theory some of them could work, but in practice very few actually solve the problem effectively and safely. The pharmacological production of Bio-Elite requires particular degrees of accuracy and a unique methodology. This is largely responsible for the excellent performance and affordability of the Bio-Elite range of products.


The combination of ingredients and unique pharmacological action of Bio-Elite products, ensures that there is no danger of the product losing its efficacy due to the cause of the fish disease developing a resistance to the ingredients. The need to overdose with the product is also eliminated, as adding more of the product does not increase its effectiveness, as would be the case with most chemical products.


The environmentally friendly nature of the Bio-Elite range lends itself to the protection of the sensitive beneficial bacteria in the aquatic environment. This means that filtration systems will not break down as they can do when most other additive ranges, which contain harsh components or chemical antibiotics, are used. This is also the reason why Bio-Elite products can be used with safety in both fresh water and marine environments.


Following humble beginnings, the Bio-Elite range continues to gain huge popularity with freshwater and marine fish keepers and has realistically become the most trusted and widely applied range of natural aquatic conditioners, additives and remedies in South Africa. Bio-Elite is certainly the leading brand in the natural additive market and the one against which all others are measured. Our dedicated, experienced and enthusiastic production and marketing teams will ensure that Bio-Elite remains at the forefront of the aquarist hobby.